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Joomla & WordPress Application installation failure

I installed Joomla and received 2 email notifications. 1st email 'Installation of Joomla Completed' then I get a 2nd email 'Installation of Joomla Failed'. It seems that the application is installed and working but when I attempt to perform the update I get a failure message ' Archive is Corrupt' and the update window has a perpetual spinning icon.


I installed the WordPress 4.5.3 update from the Applications Manager and I received 2 email notifications - Installation of WordPress failed and Installation of WordPress 4.5.3 Completed.


I'm not sure either application is faithfully installed.



Hey @mikep,


Glad to have you join us on the Community! Smiley Happy


Those are unusual errors to be encountering within our shared hosting environment. Have you tried reaching out to our live support so our hosting team can help look into what may have happened? 


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