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Mins theme - Double header image & menu

Hi All, 


Yesterday i have updated the theme in WP (Mins).  But obviously, something is not working out. 

Please see the screenshot below.

The header image is displayed 2 times, the Menu bar is displayed 2 times.


The Top image should not be there, and the lowest menu should not be there. 

I can't resolve it in any of the 'Appearance' menu items. If i change/delete the header image, BOTH change or disappear, same goes for menu and the hero widget.  


Any tips / advice on how to solve this is MUCH appreciated! 




Super User II



We either have the image added twice, it's a theme issue or a conflict causing that.  Not sure without being able to actually see how things are setup.  If you want to DM me (don't post here) your login credentials I can take a peak for you. 😉

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I am having this exact problem! Any idea on fixes?

Former Employee

Hi @Cyrakai 


What's your site?

This issue is usually due to some duplicated settings on your page. If you share your site URL I will have a better idea.