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Page Builder Tools Dont Show Up

Hello. I am by no means a web designer and am in need of some of this communities expertise. I need to update and clean up the site but when Page Builder is clicked to edit a post, there were no "buttons" or editing tools available. The builder the page just looks the same as the normal published webpage. Builder beaver is installed. The page is pretty simple - text, pictures, and hyperlinks. Has anyone else else experienced this problem? Any expertise or advice is greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

Super User I



I do not use Beaver Builder -- some here do and maybe they will pipe in.  However, whenever WordPress or a plugin is not working as it should, that indicates a possible conflict.  Conflicts can be caused by themes, plugins or the addition of custom code.


You will want to try these troubleshooting tips to eliminate that as a possibility.


HTH! 😉


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