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WP Premium Support

I paid for WP premium support on 1-1-18 and had 5 credits. One credit was used to complete a website evaluation which anyone can test using GTmetrix. Nonetheless, shortly after I had a death in my family, contacted customer service letting them know that I would be away for sometime. I return to discover that they took the rest of my funds, asking me to renew so they can get more funds from me, verses honoring customer loyalty as I have been with Godaddy for years. My website issues still remain and I am out of my money. I really am not happy about this and I do not think that I would recommend anyone that I know to purchase this service. At the very least I would think that some consideration would have been given to at least allow me to make use of my remaining 4 credits instead it is greed to ask for more $. Not even sure why my website use to load fast and all of a sudden it became slow which is how I had been introduced by Godaddy to use this WP premium support.  

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: WP Premium Support

Hi @concerned1. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! 

It sounds like this might be an issue that is specific to your account. Please know that this is not a support forum. Help with renewals or anything account specific can only be handled by our customer care team. Other users on the forum here would not be able to assist you with this. Sorry. 


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