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Which Themes is best for Hotel site ?

Which Themes is best for Hotel site?  I have a Hotel site like this Best facility Hotels in Karol Bagh - Amrapali Hotel. I like my site. but I want to more improve my site.

Do you tell me about best themes for my site?

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Re: Which Themes is best for Hotel site ?

That's a give question @Ashwani2018, a bit like "What is the best car for driving?" What is best for you is relative. You are on the right track by referencing existing websites that you like. There are tons of hotel templates for your website and without picking winners and losers perhaps the best thing to do is list your needs. 


Make a note of what you need your website to do and what functions are essential. From there you can have an idea of what your template needs to include. Make sure that you get the features on your essentials list and go from there. I hope that helps? 


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