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WordPress website; form not sending to all recipients?

I have a form setup on the website, 4 emails listed in the send to and the domain emails are not getting through?  I've contacted the form developer, GoDaddy and no one seems to be able to figure out why emails aren't getting through?


Additional info: Email coming through WordPress via 



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Are you getting WordPress system mails but not form mails?  If you are not sure you an use this plugin: Check Email.  If you receive the test email you know that WordPress is sending email as it should.


Now that we know WordPress is sending, and not knowing your details you could give this plugin a try: WP Mail SMTP.


Sending via SMTP instead of the PHP default sometimes does the trick.  If neither work it could be due to a conflict or something only GoDaddy can help you troubleshoot.


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So I used the plugin and of the 3 email addresses (one goes to gmail, the other two go to the user's domain email) I received it however the other two people did not!  Is there some setting in the WordPress site that I am missing for emails?  I guess I'll try the second plugin next!  Oh so frustrating!

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So we know WordPress is sending because one of three were received, right?   There is no setting that you are missing.  WordPress appears to be sending.


The question now becomes why is gmail receiving but the other two are not?  Could be incoming spam filtering or blocks.  Did they check their junk/trash?


By "user's domain email" do you mean the same as the URL for the WordPress site in question?  Give the SMTP plugin a try and see how that works.

"No guts, no story." ~ Chris Brady