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Wordpress and Plesk - Unable to Install themes and Plugins

Hi All,


I am having WordPress 4.7.1 installed from Godaddy Wordpress Application on Plesk and facing issues while installing new Themes or plugins.I am trying daily from past 10-15 days in the hope that the problem will resolve but its not happened yet.

I am getting 3 types of error


  1. Installation Failed - 500 internal server error.
  2. Update failed
  3. Broken themes Style sheet is missing and all themes i am trying to install from Add new themes screen.
  4. Even the theme i uploaded is also not working.

One of my friend is having cPanel account and the same themes/plugins are working fine with no error on wordpress version 4.7.1


Other issue i am facing on any browser is posting screenshots/pics on the post wether in the form of Upload image or by URL.


Please resolve the issues ASAP.

Helper VI

Hello @shetakli


If you are trying to install any theme from the WordPress themes repository using this steps and it works, then it's clear that the theme package that you are trying to upload is incomplete like it is stated in the picture that you have uploaded


Try another theme to see if it works.


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