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add non-SSL iframes to an SSL website?



Newbie so unsure if this is the right Community for this question.


Last week, I installed an SSL certificate on our WordPress website hosted by GoDaddy.  Right away, all my iFrames stopped showing since they are not secured.  I asked all our providers if they had https pages I could replace my iFrames with and they all declined.


I am hoping that someone here has a better solution than redirecting my visitors outside of my domain.


Is it possible to have some pages of a domain with HTTP and others with HTTPS?  If I could make the pages with an iFrame non-SSL, my problem would be solved but I don't know and if at all possible.


Thanks in advance!



Community Manager

Hi @leblanc2k. Welcome to GoDaddy community! 


From what I've seen, browsers will always show a warning next to your HTTPS URL if you include HTTP resources within your site directly. A better idea would be to add the content to your site directly, so it's not pulling the content from another site. However, in looking into this, I came across some interesting suggestions on a Stack Overflow post. That may be of some help to you. 


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