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adding a registered second domain to existing web hosting plan

I just made a site on WordPress and I need to add a button to enable clients to make payments for services. Can anyone tell me how to do this? (In layman's terms)

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Re: adding a registered second domain to existing web hosting plan

It sounds like you want to let your customers pay you on your website. You have a couple of options.


1. if you have a PayPal account, you can link to your PayPal account to have them pay you (including with a credit card), using PayPal's secure server. 


2. If you want to have them enter their credit card info on YOUR site, then you need a few additional items to deal with security, and capturing their info.


First is an SSL certificate ( That's pretty easy to set up. That amps up the security on your site, so that customers know it's safe to enter their personal info (such as credit card).


Second, you need a way for clients to enter their card/payment info. There are several good form processors that can handle this. On my own website, I use Gravity Forms, which is a very popular form-processor for WordPress.


Third, you need a system that actually processes the credit card info, and there are multiple options there. I use Stripe (, which is pretty straightforward to set up, and does have some good integration tools to work well with Gravity Forms.


So I'd start with deciding if you want to accept cards on your site, or hand that off to a turnkey system such as PayPal. 


Connecting My Wordpress site to my domain

Hello all, 

I am having issues connecting the wordpress site I have created to my domain. When I click to connect my domain to an existing website, it doesn't give an option for wordpress.