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how to add a databse table

My Yoast SEO Plugin is asking me to do the folloiwng, can I do it on my own?

...  Yes, I'm a newbie



For the new Text Link Counter to work, Yoast SEO needs to create two new tables in our database. Yoast SEO automatically tries to create these tables, but failed to do so. Could you help me create these tables manually so I can use the new feature?

The tables should be called:






Community Manager

Hi @robertjbanach. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! You should be able to add tables to your database if necessary. You would do so by accessing the database through phpMyAdmin. The way you would do that depends on what kind of hosting you have. Here are the instructions for the most common platforms:

You may need to look on line for specific instructions on how to add tables to a database using phpMyAdmin. Hope that helps. 


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