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    DNS Management on a VPS

    I just started with a VPS (Linux/cPanel). In WHM.


    Under Basic cPanel & WHM Setup, the namesevers are listed as: ( (


    I setup a hosting account for a domain that is registered at Enom. On Enom, I set the name servers for the domain to match those above. It's been over 24 hours, and the domain is still not resolving to my server (in fact it doesn't resolve anywhere). Am I missing something?






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    Helper V

    @bvanderwerf Once you set your nameservers to Godaddy's nameservers at ENOM you will need to Add Off-site DNS to allow Godaddy to manage DNS for your Domain. Once complete you will need to Access Off-site DNS to configure DNS Records to point to your VPS IP Address.


    Thanks for the reply, but I must be missing something.


    When I add a hosting account through WHM for (registered at Enom), it adds a DNS Zone on the VPS for that domain. My assumption at this point is that the VPS will be managing the DNS for that domain.


    If this is not the case, what is the purpose of the Nameserver entries in WHM under Tweak Settings?


    Godaddy, please add response for this ask, I have the same problem. Thank you. Chris