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    Dedicated Server with multiple dedicated IPs

    I need the dedicated server Gen4 DS-32 with cPanel with multiple IP Addresses ..


    cPanel WHM can handle unlimited number of IP Address ..

    assigning dedicated IPs to each cPanel for direct access ..


    but I was told that Extra IP are not compatible with GoDaddies Gen4 servers ..


    could some please high tech knowledge clarify this ..


    I've working with cPanel WHM for over 20 years now ..

    and always using dedicated IPs for each cPanel Account ..

    it doesn't sound correct that a server doesn't handle extra IPs ..


    either the GoDaddy support team doesn't have the knowledge or this is a GoDaddy limitation making customers buy extra servers ..


    Please clarify this issue ..


    Thank you ..

    Stay Safe ..

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    Product Team

    Hello iShamsah, 


    Thank you for your inquiry.


    The information you received from support was correct, as the ability to add additional IP addresses to Gen4 Servers does not yet exist.  This item is on the product roadmap, however it is unlikely to be completed in the near future.  


    Thank you again for your feedback, as it assists us in understanding our customer's use cases and needs.





    thank you for the reply ..


    how about the Deluxe Plan @


    it is mentioned that is comes with 3 dedicated IPs ..


    could I add more that 3 on this plan .. ??

    Hello again, 


    The page you are referencing is currently displaying our GEN3 servers, that do allow additional IP addresses.  However, please be aware there is a significant difference between GEN3 and GEN4 servers.  GEN4 has a significant increase in resources and overall performance.  Additionally, it is hosted on true bare-metal servers vs a single-tenant VM.  


    I hope this information helps a little more, and that we are able to provide a service that fits your needs.  




    Thanks MatthewR for your clear responses so far, but could you please elaborate on what we're supposed to do if we are migrating numerous sites using three ip address from a Gen 2 VPS to a Gen 4 VPS? For example, one issue is how can we set up name servers requiring two different IP addresses when we only have one?

    Hi @deltajoel , 


    Thank you for the continued dialogue. At this time, solving for the use case you describe is not possible on a Gen 4 server due to additional IP's not being available.  Our focus and priority is to provide you with up-to-date images, top-notch reliability, security and performance.  With this being said, we do understand the importance of this feature for a subset of our customers, and will work to prioritize it accordingly.


    Hopefully this information helps, and we will try to post again when we have a target date for additional IP's confirmed.


    exactly ..


    this issue is forcing client to use GoDaddy name server ..

    pay extra for having a server for each cPanel using a dedicated IP ..


    the server is useless ..

    cPanel WHM handle unlimited number of IPs ..

    why not sell Additional IPs and allow client to assign them to the WHM ..


    I guess it's all up to the financials ..

    they are greedy ..


    Thats why i decided to cancel my Gen4 purchase and go for another provider ..