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    I set up a self-managed VPS the web developer can't access it with Delegated access

    I set up a self-managed VPS the web developer can't access it with Delegated access.

    In the past Godaddy has been great but they said since this is self-managed they won't help?


    I see its there.. the Developer is in India I think... 


    on his screen when he clicks on vps the screen opens up blank???


    I did set up an username and log in thinking that would help with admin access approved.


    besides that I don't know what to do... or can I figure out why Godaddy is all the sudden playing hard ball on probably giving simple instructions to fix this.

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    Hey @PeteGustis 


    Sorry to hear you having trouble with your VPS server.  Unfortunately it looks like you have discovered that delegate access is not working properly with the VPS access.  We appreciate you bringing this to our attention and we are working to get this fixed.  Until we get the delegate access fixed, you may need to update your VPS credentials to something you can provide directly to your web developer so they can gain access for now.



    How do I do that?  Is that the log in for the VPS only?  or do you mean the godaddy username and password?



    If they just need access to the server (ssh) and control panel (WHM/cPanel) then you might just need to give them the credentials you used to setup your VPS.  I assumed Linux, but if you have Windows, then they can use the same VPS credentials to access via remote desktop or Plesk control panel.




    We have fixed Delegate Access for VPS.  Thanks again for bringing this issue to our attention.