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    osTicket v1.10

    I just installed osTicket on my VPS and listed under PHP Extensions are these items it is suggesting neex to be added.  Can anyone help me?  Thank you in advance


    mbstringHighly recommended for non western european language content
    intlHighly recommended for non western european language content
    fileinfoUsed to detect file types for uploads
    APCuImproves overall performance
    Zend OpcacheImproves overall performance
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    Hello @tstpierre. There are various ways you can install those PHP extensions, including at the command line or using the cPanel/WHM interface. If the latter route, you can try using EasyApache to customize a PHP build then apply it. Also check https://www.godaddy.com/help/installing-modules-for-your-cpanelwhm-server-8824 to see if the needed modules are within those repositories for installing. Hope this helps! 


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