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    502 Bad Gateway

    I'm now getting this error message - my site was working perfectly earlier and now it's only showing this! All I did was post a new blog entry.


    502 (Bad Gateway) Error

    Something's gone wrong, but it's likely temporary. 
    Try refreshing the page, but it'd be best to try back later.
    This page error has the following parameters:
    clientIP - ::ffff:
    gatewayHostname - starkgate-a06.cloud.iad2.gdg
    originDomain - eatfatburnfat.org
    resolvedOriginDomain - 
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    My website also started doing the same thing yesterday at that time of day while I was making adjustments to my wordpress site and and now I can only sign in to my host account , but not into my site

    Mine started doing this two days ago. Very annoying.

    I am having this issue constantly. In the last hour, I've posted 2 blog posts and had that green screen interrupt my posting 3 times when trying to save or update. And it does not just happen when posting a blog post. When I'm in the customizer and I select "publish" I also run into this error, and the changes I've made are only sometimes saved as a draft, so I wind up losing work I've done. So frustrating.

    Anyone managed to fix it?

    My side, only happens when user browse with Safari browser. Chrome works fine.