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    Appointment order

    Hi guys, really frustrated with the appointment manager portal as when I reorder available dive trips in the website builder (I.e) insert an additional trip on a date between two existing ones (drag and drop to reorder), the order changes in the developer but will not translate through to the live web site. This means that the date order of trips for customers to book on the website is out of order and difficult to look at chronologically.

    Also would be good to be able to clone an appointment and create in another date rather than having to enter all the details again. Very time consuming. Recurrent appointments not an option as you cant select specific dates but rather have to set a monthly or fortnight recurrence, a calendar feature to pick dates instead would be better.

    Seriously considering looking at another product for service planning and online booking because of this.

    Also, I the appointments page all previous appointment (old dates) still show up. Would be good if there was a choice for all appointments and also future appointments which would then hide the historical appointments so that it’s easier to see the list of pending trips only, not the old ones which have already happened.

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