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    CSS or HTML in GoCentral website builder

    Is there an area for CSS or HTML in the new GoCentral website builder? I have found online tutorials but all the tutorials are only for an older version of GoDaddy website builder. 



    Today 7/18/18.  I have been searching for instructions on inserting html code from Amazon or other sites in the GD Web Builder. I have just signed up as an Amazon Associate.  I want to be able to get commissions if anyone clicks on the Amazon link from a product I might recommend.  Anyway, after not finding my answer on my own, I contacted tech chat, the tech didn't know how to do it, and she did try but I was left with "so I'll contact Amazon." 

    Before I did, I went back to one of these forums about inserting html code (latest dates of posting was July 2017.) As I read on down, someone said there is a way (because GoDaddy was supposed to have fixed this.)  The instructions he noted were not located where this poster said they were on the web builder version I was using, but I decided to look on the moveable sidebar tools (where you can select to insert images or texts, etc.) and down at the bottom is an  html  button.  So I clicked it and a window with 2 tabbed sections, the first section opens up automatically to window labled HTML settings where there is a box to insert your code.  I erased an example code that was there and pasted the code from Amazon that includes my associate number and hit save.  I opened the next tab that says "advanced" and hit save and voila', a small image of the product appears with descriptive text and price in its own small box and clicking it will take you to Amazon.  I am delighted to have finally found what I needed, but why didn't the tech know this?  Yes, I had seen it there before, but didn't remember because I never used it. I wasted like some 2 hours looking around for this.  Not good Go Daddy.

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    Hey @davidpeeler,


    At this time, GoCentral doesn't have any features in place to allow custom scripting. However, i do believe this has been an item of feedback our developers are already taken into consideration with upcoming updates. Stay tuned for those announcements. 


    CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 support available at x.co/247support

    I am on trial version and this is quite disappointing, especially when reading through old support threads where it appears to be available.  Which by the way is very frustrating when I am walking through the steps trying to figure out why I can't find the same options...

    I was hoping to easily add a widget, or build something with JavaScript that could act as a cost estimator (give my clients an action).


    Hi.. You mentioned a few months back that GoCentral may allow some tweaking/custom scripting. 

    Is this available now? Is it possible to download the code of the page, the HTML, CSS etc. Is it possible in anyway to customise in anyway above and beyond menu driven options.




    Sadly, Go Daddy is no longer my "GoTo" for all this web related...VERY disappointed in you guys 



    That was going to be my question.  I am kind of sorry I used Go Central now because it is fairly rigid and I can't do much with it.  In leau of future modifications allowing us to enter code, does anyone have any suggestions on how to make a website using the Go Central builder at least a little interactive with visitors.  Speaking of that I would like to add a blog to the website with the ability to engage visitors in the process.  I actually know html quite well and Java and other scripts to a lesser extent. Any suggestions on mechanisms I can use to make this site more interactive?  I'm losing people too quickly in part I believe because they are not being engaged.  Any help or suggestions would be appreaciated.

    Well this is disappointing. I just sent an email to convince a web client to switch to godaddy so I could close a hosting account with another company. But he has a menu/ordering button through a service and now I can't add it to his website?!? Is there a way to use a previous website builder instead or do I need to cancel the trial and use a different provider?

    So when is the next update? so totally disappointment with GoCentral Website Builder!!!!! 

    @CG wrote:

    Hey @davidpeeler,


    At this time, GoCentral doesn't have any features in place to allow custom scripting. However, i do believe this has been an item of feedback our developers are already taken into consideration with upcoming updates. Stay tuned for those announcements. 


    This, among many more reasons, (nickle and dime tactics, nightmare customer service with little to no knowledge of what they are talking about, etc) is why we are working hard to build into our own server and remove all services from your company. We strongly urge anyone who is intermediate or higher in their understanding of web basics to do the same. Feel free to ask us for advice as to a good company to jump to for your hosting needs. Your management was given the chance to keep us as a customer as we got charged another $80 to put our sub-domain under SSL (a service that was paid for at domain purchase we never received). Considering the plethora of available free options, a warm '$&%^ you' has been earned after the 24+ hours of dealing with quite a few customer service reps who all had different stories about why the additional charge was justifiable, though once the ssl worked on the sub-domain, the rest of the site magically had the SSL protection it was supposed to. Count down has begun till the pursuit of a fair refund for the remainder of the pre-paid hosting costs.small.png                                                                  Eugene Tech Securities                                                                         

    I'm excited for Go Central to get the capacity to add basic widgets. My business depends on reviews and I'm disappointed that I can't add the reviews badge from an outside website. They prepare the code and the widget updates automatically with the number of reviews. I just transitioned to Go Central from Website Builder and am kinda disappointed. Full disclaimer, I'm a novice at this stuff, but the directions are reasonable enough. Please add the capacity, people gotta eat.

    Thank you GoDaddy for adding the capacity to GoCentral! Very grateful!!!

    It would also be nice to use Google Tag Manager for special tracking.

    Eugene D. Hayes

    I, too, am very disappointed with the lack of flexibility with GoDaddy's Site Builder. Their are so many tweaks I cannot do because of this glaring lack of ability to edit formating HTML and CSS code.

    I am promoting my website using Baidu.com (search engine in China), I want to embed the analytics code come with Baidu. I like the easy use feature of GoCentral. But promoting my web site in China is every importance to my business. Pls open he site wide javascript code adding feature ASAP.

    So there are no </body> tags?



    Listen, GoDaddy, its been 3 weeks. To any readers requesting this feature, please take note of this:


    To reiterate on my above post: I am a full stack developer with 10+ years experience building and extending e-commerce platforms. Adding this field is extremely trivial. The GoDaddy developers could integrate this feature, directly into live builds, in less than 30 mins.


    So we know, 30 mins of work would extend the GoDaddy platform thousands of times over. But its not the Dev's fault if they are not allowed to do the work.


    To the community: Lets not pester the GoDaddy moderators and Devs about an issue that is 100% management and product lead based. Instead, lets vent our frustrations that a GoDaddy management team (who may have no idea this thread even exists) is limiting a feature requested directly by a community with far more web experience than they may have. Agile knuckles to the feet on the ground ask, "Have you seen this yet?".


    If you agree, bump your opinion. Thank you GoDaddy devs. Please push your management towards solving this feature. Thank you Moderators, please forward our group concerns to both devs and management.


    -- Yours Truely,

    Need to add sitemap to GoCentral website. How is this accomplished and what are the specific steps to complete this? Is a sitemap automatically generated as it does not appear to be possible to add? My website is getting 0 response in analytics on all internet browsers. What good is website if no one can find it.


    When will this feature be added? I migrated from the older product to GoCentral and I didn't realize that I would be taking a "huge step back" on capabilities. 


    I, like all others, am extremely disappointed with GoDaddy! No HTML? Really? I can't have final purchase price based shipping. I can't add HTML. I can't add badges with my company's accreditations. I can't even add a PayPal button to allow customers to pay over time.

    Customer support is non-existent. (Sorry... you can't do that unless you spend more money).

    GoDaddy has been the worst experience of my business life. A complete and total waste of time and money!!

    I understand they want GoCentral to be idiot proof, but don't insult your customers by not allowing them to copy and paste a code into a box. I simply need to be able to add a review widget so I don't have to send my visitors to another site just to read reviews.


    GoCentral is the house

    HTML/CSS are the doors

    Widgets are the furniture


    You wouldn't build a house without doors, would you? I hate moving.