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    Can I change the color of a Font?

    Please tell me we can change the color of the font. I do not want the typical black. I cannot figure out how to do it at all. I am so frustrated. Can someone please tell me the steps?


    Also, I don't see where we can add an image where there is none. 


    I have to say I am really disappointed that I went through Go Daddy with my domain purchase and website. I wish I had picked one of the other ones that are so easy to add a text box, color, and style of font and images however many and where you want them.


    Hoping I am just being a dumb blonde and not seeing how to do any of it.


    Thanks so much for any help!


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    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: Can I change the color of a Font?

    Hi @EnchantedPen,

    Currently there isn't a way to change the font color once you've picked your theme. Our product team is aware that this isn't ideal and is working on a solution. It might be helpful for you to follow this thread that addresses this same question https://www.godaddy.com/community/GoCentral/Website-Builder-Text-Colors/m-p/53572#M1186 for future updates. Thanks much!


    Re: Can I change the color of a Font?

    I agree with "EnchangedPen" that this is extremely inconvenient.  I got duped into "upgrading" to this version by a GoDaddy staffer and now I wish I had never done so!  I have been a heavy user of MS Word features for years and have designed pretty advanced print pieces.  I am NOT HAPPY that I am stuck with the "theme" colors and cannot make any changes.  BORING BORING BORING and little to no creativity involved.  I HATE it so far and I'm stuck with it for two years?  Did I mention that I AM NOT HAPPY?  Seriously?  You can't do something as BASIC as changing the font color for the text in select areas?


    Not satisfied in Florida

    Re: Can I change the color of a Font?

    I totally agree! This "upgraded" site is awful!  I loved my old GoDaddy site and had many compliments on it! Definitely not worth it and not what I expected!  I had no problem using the previous site! This one looks cheap and boring!


    Re: Can I change the color of a Font?

    I agree, I like to use the deep colors that Example; green-black (doesn't look green), purple-black (doesn't look purple), red-black (doesn't look red), blue-black (doesn't look blue), and so forth. Using these colors, helps the eyes with a white background. Oh, and speaking of white background, it should not use bright, piercing white, hex code #ffffff. The good white to use are, "different shades of white", those are the ones to use. They have about 12 shades of white, I'm sure there are other types of white but I like the ones are "different shades of white". Please request that as well. Thank you in advance. @RachelM 

    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: Can I change the color of a Font?

    Hi @Virtue-,

    Thanks for all of the suggestions! I'm going to check in with our team and have one of them reply about any plans. Take care and have a good day!



    Re: Can I change the color of a Font?


    I appreciate you all taking time out of your day to give us this feedback. We design our themes to make sure font color looks good and provides contrast with the background for readability. However, we agree that being able to customize font color is essential to make your text look better with your own color choices. We plan on giving you this customization but it’s going to require some pretty big changes.

    I will update this board when I have a better approximation of when this customization will be available.


    Re: Can I change the color of a Font?

    Please provide an update on when this feature may become available. The inability to:

    - customise a fonts colour

    - add extra pictures to a section

    - adjust the dimensions of particular items in a section

    are all very limiting features that make the usability and flexibility very restricted and frustrating for users.

    I chose to use GoDaddy over Wix to keep the Domain registration and website builder in one place, this is proving to already be a bad decision with these limited features and restrictions.

    Your update and assistance is greatly appreciated.


    Re: Can I change the color of a Font?

    I can't believe the ability to independently change the font colour per text box is not allowed with this product.  Had I known I never would have purchased your Product.  Lucky for me I am still within my 30 day free trail period.  I will be calling to cancel this Product and get a full refund. 

    Helper I

    Re: Can I change the color of a Font?

    If we can control the FONT, COLOR and TEXT size it would make GoCentral more presentable and would match what WIX or any competitor at that matter can do with way more features and better ones at that too. 


    I believe this project should already be done by now since the product launch. 

    If nobody has the freedom of SIZE and COLOR then why do we have to follow the simple source code of GoCentral in building a website that sticks out from the rest? 


    Yes, you can HTML your website to death to stick out from the rest but if you take a look at most GoDaddy sites you can tell they are GoDaddy sites if they were built by GoDaddy Central.


    We should have the freedom of changing COLOR for our backgrounds, Size and Font of ANY text anywhere on the site and a little freedom to place objectives where we want instead of adding block after block on top of our websites. 


    Yes, I know the market plan was easy to use and you can build within an hour but after you design it you have a product that needs constant updating and it would be easier if we had the same features or even more than Blogger and WordPress. 


    Re: Can I change the color of a Font?

    I am so disappointed in this site builder.  been working on it off and on for a year and still get frustrated every time i try to edit for publishing.  it is a mess.  unable to do such simple task color size layouts themes all unsatisfactory

    Super User III
    Super User III

    Re: Can I change the color of a Font?

    @venusflytraplad @EnchantedPen @RyFyZone @Pawn11 @eteamremovals 


    I get it. I understand your frustration. 


    That being said, there are other options out there for you to choose. The beauty of GoCentral is its simplicity. It's designed for someone who has no idea what they're doing. It's designed for that person to get their idea live and on the internet. GoCentral excels at that. 


    I've been working with GoCentral since it was still a beta product. Its development has been phenomenal. A completely proprietary website builder that is constantly updated with new features at no extra cost. It gets better each month. Literally.


    I feel like a large part of success on the internet is determining which platform is the best one for your vision. Most people go for the cheap option and then blame it for its limitations instead of finding the correct platform and getting it set up correctly. I also find as a web developer that many people rush in without much of a plan.


    Basically, it sounds like many of you need to reevaluate your website and see if there is a more suitable platform for your needs. 

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