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    Can you rebook clients or let them book themselves through the GoCentral scheduler?

    The scheduler is mostly great.. Is there a way to rebook clients though? It’s annoying to have to ask them for all their info again just to rebook for them in store. What else would be great is if they could have easy access to rebook for themselves without having to go through the entire process again, too.

    Also, I have had clients that don’t have email or don’t want to share it and it’s not a necessary thing for my business -I need their phone numbers only. But during the booking process, it is a required field.  Any way to shut this requirement off?

    Thank you!

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    Former Employee

    Hi @BlackMamba thank you for taking the time to submit feedback! We are actively working on enabling your clients to create an account on your website and store their profile information, so that they don't have to enter their contact info again when they book. We will keep you posted when that is available.


    Regarding making email address optional - we will consider addressing this need and will keep you posted on the plan.


    Are there any other unmet needs? Please keep the suggestions coming. 


    Pianpian, GoDaddy product manager

    Pianpian, GoDaddy product manager