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    Customising contact forms and password protected pages



    I'm using the GoDaddy personal website package to build a site and it's great apart from two things. The first, is that I really need to be able to do a drop down menu option and a tick box on the 'contact form'. However, all I can get is a single line or multi line text option. The second, is to do a password protected page. Is there a way to do this?


    Thank you in advance,


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    Re: Customising contact forms and password protected pages

    Hi @Charlotte_95,


    With regard to the form -- the form builder is what it is.  It's a good BASIC builder but not for much customizing.  If you need a more sophisticated one, try the one from CoffeeCup and use the "hosted version" because you cannot upload the necessary files using the sitebuilder/gocentral.  


    On the password protection:  Here is what I found.


    Essentially the answer is no.  As noted in the posted solution, page protection (as in memberships) are not built into these platforms.  That is not a fault with them, in that adding a membership/private area can be relatively complex and these site builders were not designed for these features.  If you are growing such that you need a membership or have multiple protected pages you might consider WordPress or a similar content management system.


    Hope this helps,


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    Re: Customising contact forms and password protected pages

    the free GoCentral personal Website builder has this capability but the next version up doesn't? Interesting.