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    GoCentral Website Blog Auto Emailed RSS Feed From Address

    I manage a website for a non-profit that I volunteer at. Whenever a new blog post gets automatically emailed to subscribers the From address in the email uses my GoDaddy account name and my email address. Totally unacceptable as far as I'm concerned. I have temporarily changed my GoDaddy account name and email address to that of the non-profit organization to see if that will temporarily resolve the problem but I would think that this is a problem that should be addressed ASAP.  

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    Hey there @StevieV456,


    It sounds like you neglected to setup the email marketing portion of the GoCentral site correctly. It automatically pulls the info from the main account by default. 


    In order to change this, log into GoDaddy and go to the My Products page -> Websites -> Manage the GoCentral Website -> goto Marketing -> goto settings under Email Marketing and change the email info.


    After that, you should be good.

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    Hey @MrVapor Joe, The email marketing portion is set up correctly with the organizational name and email address, if I manually send out an email campaign the from address is that of the organization, I then get an email sent to my GoDaddy account address that the campaign has been sent, which is fine with me. The issue is with the RSS feed that is automatically emailed, I would think it would pull the "From" info from the email marketing portion of the GoCentral site but for some reason it does not. I initially modified my account info to reflect that of the organization, ran a test, but it still contained my original GoDaddy account info which was no longer specified anywhere in the account. I then assumed the data was being pulled from the account when the auto send functionality is turned on. So I turned it off and back on again but have not run a test yet, hopefully I will have time today, I will let you know.


    That did not work either. The Account email address was still being used. I went into every location in the account, including domain registration and contact info, the account email was removed from every place I could find and replaced with the organizations email, yet this morning when the feed was emailed it still used my previous account name and email address in the from field as opposed to that of the organizations. Unfortunately I have had to turn the auto send feature off.