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    Gocentral business ultimate plan


    In our website plan, I see 2 new upgrades that nowhere I see any descriptons of, The Gocentral Business ultimate and the Website Builder Business Ultimate, both being at 66 and 81 cad per month.. can someone provide links to details on these plans? 


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    Hmmmmm, maybe you can find the answer in https://godaddy.com/help/compare-plans-24509 Compare GoCentral plans?
    ...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

    roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head

    tried, not there, the maximum plan is the one we are currently on for 39.99, those 2 are priced higher and we are interested what's offered.. hoping better features in order not to migrate to another platform..

    It sounds like what you are looking at are the upgrade prices @TheCryptoShop? Do you already have a existing plan?
    ...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

    roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head

    Yes, we have an existing plan.
    Yes, these are upgrade prices but to plans we cannot find the details of.
    In the upgrade details the features are not clear one liners ..

    As far as I understand the only available GoCentral plans are Personal, Business, Business Plus and eCommerce (Online Store). Personal would upgrade to Business would upgrade to Business Plus... I'm not sure what the "GoCentral Business Ultimate" would be referring to? There are Windows and Linux plans labelled Starter, Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate. There is additionally a Business Web Hosting package available.

    You are talking about GoCentral right?
    ...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

    roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head

    I asked the customer support and she couldn’t tell me the differences.

    She said it’s something that is being worked on.

    There’s so many missing features, such as allowing customers to register to see their order etc.

    It would also be good to be able to hide products which you can only purchase if you’ve got a link ( custom orders) also maybe allowing the Facebook chat box so customers can instantly message you.


    The Customer agent told my by then that this is simply additional consultancy (sic!)

     Godaddy ecommerce platform really lacks a few things to become more competitive, we are struggling with :

    - Order updates, you cannot cancel the order after being shipped (in case of returns) or apply partial refunds to orders 

    - Customers cannot register and have an area to check orders history, download invoices, etc..

    - Sometimes email notifications of orders are not sent to customers

    - We are facing constant random website unreachable on the first hit, this is because the SSL tunnel does not get established between Godaddy Web/web app servers and the client, it is a common issue when you have load on a system (handles, ssl connections limit, or physical hw limit..) I tried to explain this to the agent but those guys are not techies.. and he was trying to upsell me services or have the next billing cycle paid in advance via the call, as it looks like they are awarded per recorded sale.. really disappointing..

    What a shame.

    I did find other platforms that offered so much but the themes and layouts are shocking and you also struggle to find acceptable payment platforms.

    I have just been able to install a chat button which I can take live chats via an app on my phone 🙂

    It doesn’t come up on the home page but in the drop down I’ve stuck it at the top of the categories so they can have a instant chat with me.

    Indeed a shame, the only plus GD has is the seamless interface that is fit for upsell, other vendors lack that.

    We are ok to have an advanced plan that can incorporate additional features and advanced statistics.. but GD support are to no avail.. and it seems the ecommerce platform is outsourced.


    BTW there is a bug in the sales overview, where the 90 and 7 days graphs do not show anymore after the last update they had, only the 30 days is there, called them a week ago but still not fixed. (fixed as of today)

    Hi Crypto,

    Thanks for your posts - as an inventor who wishes to bring two products to market (eventually three) with colour variants of each product I thought Gocentral would be the right way to go for me.   Reading your comments regarding the SSL (**bleep** google and their meddling) is disappointing.   I 100% agree with your comments about GoDaddy upselling, apart from one customer service rep everyone I have spoken to has dodged my questions and just loaded my cart with a 3 year subscription to Gocentral as a solution - not at all what I was looking for.    I was thinking about using the managed hosting for wordpress but the extra cost of plugins I'll require just to ship globally with Royal mail is not competitive.   I'm trying hard to avoid Shopify because their URL Paths are not customisable with custom domains.....it's a tough game trying to sell online with so many fish in the sea, I look forward to a bit of standardisation/best practices down the line...especially in regards SSL's on custom domains and Global shipping --> Payment processor.   

    Oh...and the real "gotcha" moment was when I asked if I get a professional email address with the Online Store subscription with GoCentral.   Answer was:  Yes, if you sign up for a year.   I then asked if I could try out the 30 day trial and then subscribe to the annual package and still get the email.   Answer was: No, you only get the free email address when you sign up for a year without the 30 day free trial.    I'm unsure if the rep misspoke due to their commission based earnings or if this is actually true (Which makes no business sense if so)
    At this rate I am almost ready to throw in the towel and just open up a private label on Amazon and let them do all the legwork and use my domains as a redirect to them.   

    It seems that maybe the Gocentral Business ultimate plan may be what was sold to me because I have a combination of the business plan AND the Ecommerce. If you have a business plan the email is supposed to be included in the price, if you look at the list. When they sold me my current plan I made sure to ask if email, marketing, SEO, SSL etc were all included in the price for the year and I wouldn't be nickle and dimed to death.

    The only thing that confused me is they have me down for a three year plan but I know I'm supposed to pay by the year. 😕

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