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    Having trouble opening my website


    I am not a pro in this and I am having trouble with opening my site. I am trying to open my website and I get a message  "This site can't be reached"  

    Everyone else can  open the site, I can open it on other devices. So it's something with my desktop computer. None of the browsers will open it, and I cleared the browsing data many times. I don't know what else to do. The Web address is www.aaas.ca 

    Please help.


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    Re: Having trouble opening my website

    Perhaps your website uses a port that your firewall restricts. Make sure that your firewall is not restricting your own access or that it wasn't added to a blocked address list. Otherwise, if it really is a GoDaddy issue I am sorry I can not be of more help. 

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    Re: Having trouble opening my website

    I have another site with GoDaddy and that one works fine. 


    Re: Vesna18388

    Hi @Vesna18388,


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    This does appear to be a local issue with your ISP. An external test show the IP is resolving worldwide. And the website is resolving quickly in this test. You'll want to contact your Internet Service Provider to determine if they're blocking the IP address of this particular server shown in these two tests. 



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