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    Limited Characters? Since When?

    After a couple of weeks, I entered my webpage builder to make a couple of changes.  Then I noticed a box containing content I placed month ago stated, "your #### of characters over you limit" or something of the sort.  Without touching that box, I updated another field.  When publishing my edits, all my important content was cut by 2/3!  The information were keywords of our services.  Since when was a limit imposed?  The website looks and reads unprofessional.  This makes our business look really bad.  I'm livid!  I called support and the young person had no answers for me.  He referred me here. 

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    Re: Limited Characters? Since When?



    Can you provide a URL for us to look at?  😉  Are you on GoCentral, if so which widgets are you referring to and I'll double check on my test site.


    It is not uncommon for "webbuilders" to limit certain widgets or fields within a template to maintain look at layout.   This is why it is wise whenever you do anything on your website that you clear your browser cache and check any modifications you made to make sure they look as you desire.


    I hope you have modified for the time being so that your site appears as best it can within the builder's limits?  No worries about keywords stuffed into a box -- search engines really don't look to that type of content for rankings anyways.


    Let me know on the URL... 😉

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    Re: Limited Characters? Since When?

    I have had the same problem - Content that was fine a couple of days ago suddenly cut to 400 characters. Luckily I was only just getting started so not too much lost. No help from customer service so it looks like a trip to wix is on the cards.


    Just using a standard template  - See screenshot - screen.jpg