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    Need help creating my website with Website Builder

    Need someone to help me create my website on GoDaddy using their web builder tools

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    Hi @TraditionsHHS, thanks for posting.

    We do offer a few options for you. The first is a 1-on-1 training and getting started session. More information can be found here:


    The second would be a site design service, where a GoDaddy team would build your site for you. Details on this can be found here:



    Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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     i am at http://yellowstoneret1.godaddysites.com/reservations.html


    i would like to add a calendar year, with he ability to show dates that are booked and open.  IN addition to an ability to tie in a pay pal, bank link or something for people to pay with .



    explanation must be very simple,, i am not a programmer in any way, its why i am here in the first place for simplicity,, so lots of techno abbreviations will not help me much.