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    Need to upload to site mp3 files 100MB +/-

    I manage our church website where for over 5 years I have been providing links to weekly sermons I uploaded to tindeck.com. After 15 years of operation, tindeck is closing due to changes in the EU use policies.  I need to upload those mp3 files, which are 100+/- MB, and continue to upload files in the future for access from our web page. Currently, it appears that uploaded files must be <50MB.


    Any suggestions would be much appreciated. 

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    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: Need to upload to site mp3 files 100MB +/-

    Hi @Steve_Everhart. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! If you need to share audio files that are larger than the 50MB limit, you may need to consider a different storage solution. I'm sure there are plenty of providers that specialize in sermons that you could find online. Alternatively, if you only need a place for the audio files to reside on the internet and don't need a web player, you could use something like Amazon Web Services (AWS) just to hold the files. Hope you're able to figure this out. Feel free to update here if you come up with a good solution. 


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    Re: Need to upload to site mp3 files 100MB +/-

    Did you find a solution? You said the player you have has 50mb limit?  Mine is showing only 30mb.  Is that a difference in go daddy site packages?

    Re: Need to upload to site mp3 files 100MB +/-

    Possibly. I am still using an mp3 hosting service outside if GoDaddy.

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