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    i am regretting to use godaddy

    i just bought domain name and hosting on godaddy,

    it shows me that everything is okey,,but when i try to reach my website it says not found on server..its been 4 days,,


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    Re: i am regretting to use godaddy

    I’m having the same problem. I only have problems with GoDaddy... I asked for help on the chat and theyr answer is they don’t understand why it doesn’t work but made me another hosting offer .... seriously?

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    Re: i am regretting to use godaddy


    If it says "not found on server" that usually indicates incorrect DNS records, such as wrong IP. If your domain is registered with GoDaddy and site is hosted at GoDaddy too, your DNS often updates automatically ... but there can be circumstances that keep it from doing that. I recommend the first thing you check is that your DNS has the correct A record for @. If it does, check digwebinterface.com and make sure that it's resolving externally. If you find anything amiss that you can't correct yourself, I'd try contacting support again with the new information.


    Hope this helps!

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    Re: i am regretting to use godaddy

    Hi All!


    A couple of days ago I had a similar problem in that after an SSL activation my site did not propagate properly.  I ended up with a really good support agent and we figured out that the process was stuck at the SSL IP assignment.  The solution was that the agent took the IP that he saw in his dashboard for my SSL and gave it to me.  I inserted it into the A-record as @coderainbow noted, and viola' it worked!  Might try this approach.  


    Hope this helps,


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