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How to restore deleted images folder?

Hi: I have accidentally deleted my website's images folder! How do I restore this folder? ... I do not have a backup!

And the trash is empty in the file manager, and there is no history where I can use it to get that folder back.

I need help.


Re: How to restore deleted images folder?


When purchasing your cPanel did you purchase the site backup and restore option? If you did then the icon in the files section will be a gold colored hard disk. If you did not and as you stated you do not have a backup then you can call into our hosting support department and request a disaster recovery backup but there is a service charge for that. If you had a web developer build your site than you can always check with them to see if they have a backup. Some web developers keep backups some don't. I would still recommend for the future that you get the site backup and restore option because it makes a backup every 24 hours and you have access to restore when you need to. Also if you do not have website security from us, I would always recommend that! Hopefully this helps!