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Getting Started

my joomla website admin area downloads index.php instead of "serving it up"

backed up my joomla website and restored it to godaddy linux hosting with great... an addon domain restore fine but I can't access the admin area... when i go to it downloads index.php instead of allowing me to log in.

Any help would be great. I had a much more descriptive post but it lost it when i went to submit it...

Getting Started

by the way, I used akeeba backup core and kickstart to backup & restore both sites


Resolver I

I suspect server incompatibility in regards to your .htaccess files.

This might be a place to start.

I would try clearing the .htaccess file in your server root (CAUTION!) and/or in your web root (likeley culprit found in your "public_html" folder) to see if the behavior subsists.

NOTE that the .htaccess file that is causing this issue may be located in the folder that holds the admin area for the site or any other parent folder of that admin area.

Of course you will have to generate appropriate .htaccess files afterward (or modify existing) or your site will have no security policy.


NOTICE: I am by no means an expert in Joomla or .htaccess implementation. Please create a full backup before modifying. Altering the .htaccess file in the server root has the potential to lock you out completely.

Dr. B