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wordpress site won't connect with domain name after database change

Hi all,

I am using CPanel to manage all my Wordpress installations. The purpose was to keep both my husband's and my pages all in one place. He owns two domain names in his own Godaddy account which originally we had connected to the CPanel hosting in my account. After a failed attempt to migrate one of his existing pages, we decided to build the other from scratch. No problems with that one. Even though my account does not own the domain name, the wordpress installation is connected to the correct domain name. The other page that we failed to migrate has since been through many changes. I had to delete the original SQL database, I created a new one with the same name as the original and we can see the page perfectly with Wordpress dashboard. The problem is that when we tried to load the page online, we get the "Future Home of Something Quite Cool" and a place to login to access the site. This of course just takes me back to the Wordpress Installation. I have checked everything I can think of regarding the url and the dns settings, but I am totally new to this and I am out of ideas. I have tried to contact support, but the online chat is always offline (because I am in Germany?) and I cannot call. If there is anyone out there with some ideas, I am all ears and thank you in advance!

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Hmmm... without "seeing" what's going on it's hard to say...  😉


Did you check to see if the DNS record had any straggling A or CName record that does not apply to the domain's new location? 



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Hi Muse,

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, the A and CName records for the site that is working fine and the site that is NOT working fine, are exactly the same...