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Re: Transferring domain name to Godaddy / How much will it cost

@Veerendra wrote:

I do not understand how GoDaddy accepted my domain name transfer ( from when it was in the redemption period. When I called the GoDaddy helpline they told me that the transfer will materialize in 5 days.

I called the net4 helpline and they told me that domain cannot be transferred in the redemption period , ( although they provided me with the authorization code for transfer ) and now I will have to wait for 60 to 90 days till the redemption period is over and the domain name is again free.

I do not know what to do .

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Veerendra Darakh

@Veerendra This is an issue with your losing registrar. There is literally nothing I or Godaddy can do. If Godaddy initiated the transfer thats really all they can do on their end.


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