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1) I am the person that replied originally and  I am a GoDaddy customer just like you

2) I'm sorry if I didn't acknowledge how you were feeling regarding the issue


That being said - I've had domains with GoDaddy for almost 10 + years and worked with many clients who have used GoDaddy - I've never seen renewals increase the way you are stating - without seeing the actual emails / shopping cart (not asking that you post that at this point) - it's very hard to say


Here are the possible explanations

1) If you are just going by this is the price that was in the email - there have been numerous threads here about GoDaddy email notifications having a wrong date or wrong price . 
2) If you are renewing multiple domains at the same time GoDaddy does offer a discount so it's possible that at one point you had multiple domains and by the end you only had the one

3) It's possible that the renewal was for multiple years and that is why you were seeing different prices

4) As originally suggested - perhaps there was something like domain privacy or something else either in your cart or being suggested in the email.

As previously mentioned I have many years of using GoDaddy and never seen / heard of prices increasing like this - the only other thing I could have / would have suggested is to call GoDaddy sales and ask for an explanation - as those on the board here are just end users like you we would not be able to give you any other information


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