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Customize Google Analytics tracking events

Event Names

You can personalize the names of the events you want to track in the Event Names section. Default names for these events have already been entered to get you started, though feel free to change them to better suit your needs.

Disable tracking for specific events

If you don’t want to track specific events, you can leave those fields blank and they won’t be tracked.

Learn more about what each event means.

Event tracking in Google Analytics

Save your settings after connecting your Google Analytics account and setting up event names and then you'll start to see eCommerce tracking data appearing in your Google Analytics account within about 24 hours. Check out more information about enhanced eCommerce tracking here.

All of your saved events that you’ve configured will be added as events in your Google Analytics dashboard.

Basic site tracking

Google Analytics in Managed WordPress Ecommerce and Managed WooCommerce Stores includes basic site tracking, such as pageviews and customer sessions, so no other Google Analytics plugin is needed to get complete analytics for your store.

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