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Edit Advanced Email Security filters

The Advanced Email Security add-on automatically comes with a filter to encrypt messages, but admins can also create custom filters. For example, you can choose to encrypt emails that contain sensitive information using filters based on the message's subject line or body content, and even for certain recipients or senders.

  1. Sign in to Advanced Email Security. Use your Microsoft 365 email address and password (your GoDaddy username and password won't work here).
  2. Under Security Settings, select Email, and then Filter Policies.
  3. Select New Filter.
  4. Enter a Filter Name.
  5. Confirm that the direction is Inbound or Outbound, and then select Continue.
  6. Or to edit an existing filter, find it in the list, and then select Pencil Edit filter.
  7. Choose the Scope for your filter:
    • Company: This filter will apply to all mail for all users.
    • Group: This filter will only apply to mail for users in the chosen group.
    • User: This filter will only apply to mail for the specific user.
  8. For If, choose your filter's criteria. The second menu will provide different options depending on your first selection:
  9. OptionDetails
    Sender AddressEnter the addresses you want included in your filter.
    Recipient AddressEnter the addresses you want included in your filter.
    Email Size (KB)This size includes any attachments and must be entered in whole numbers.
    Client IP CountryYou must provide us with the library file or source to use this filter criteria.
    Email SubjectEnter the text from the subject line you want included in your filter.
    Email HeadersEnter the text from the header you want included in your filter.
    Email Message ContentEnter the text from the body you want included in your filter.
    Raw Email (Up to 10000 Lines)Enter the text from the raw email you want included in your filter.
    Attachment TypeSelect Manage to choose the types of attachments included in your filter.
    Attachment NameEnter the text of an attachment file name or type not included in Attachment Type you want included in your filter.
    Smart Identifier ScanThe smart identifier locates specific content in an email such as a credit card number or a driver's license number. Select Manage to choose the smart identifiers you want included in your filter. Learn more about the Smart Identifier Scan.
    Dictionary ScanThis searches your email for any words that are included in the pre-set dictionary of potentially sensitive information, such as known Protected Health Information and Financial Information terms. Select Manage to choose the dictionaries you want included in your filter. Learn more about the Dictionary Scan.

  10. (Optional) Select Add another condition to create additional criteria for your filter.
  11. For Do, choose the action you want taken if the filter criteria are met:
    • Quarantine: This will block the message from being sent or received.
    • Allow: This will override other general filter settings that might block mail that meets this criteria.
    • Nothing: This will not take any action on the message.
    • (Outbound only) Encrypt: This will encrypt the message.
  12. Select the checkbox to Override Previous Destination if you want to ignore the destination another filter may have applied to the message.
  13. (Optional) Select Add another action to create additional actions on these messages. You have different options for the additional action:
  14. OptionDetails
    Alert SenderThe sender is emailed.
    Alert RecipientThe recipient is emailed.
    Alert Tech ContactYour account tech contact address is emailed.
    Alert Specified UsersEnter the email addresses you want notified.
    Hide LogWon't show the email in any log.
    Hide Log From Non-Admin UsersWon't show the email in the logs that non-admin users see.
    Stop Processing Additional FiltersStops the filter logic after this filter rule is met.
    Require Admin Privileges to ReleaseOnly an administrator can release these messages to the inbox.
    Enforce Completely Secure SMTP DeliveryThis requires a correct TLS certificate that matches the domain exactly and is not self-signed.
    Enforce Only TLS on SMTP DeliveryDoesn't require a certificate.

  15. To the right, you can add a Description of the filter.
  16. Select Save.

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