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Install the Memcached PHP libraries using WHM

Memcached is a free and powerful object caching system that you can install to improve the performance of your website. Memcached will only work if you install the daemon, install the PHP libraries and configure your PHP application properly.

  1. Login to WHM.
  2. Select EasyApache 4 from the Software section of the menu on the left.
  3. Click the Customize button in the Currently Installed Packages section.

  4. Click PHP Libraries on the left, and type Memcached in the search box. Click on the switch to install Memcached on the desired versions of PHP.

  5. Click Review on the left, and the Provision button at the bottom of the page to complete the installation.

Note: These modules can also be installed using yum in SSH. Be aware of the naming convention (ie. ea-php72-php-memcached) and that it must be installed on each version of PHP used.

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