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Listing types for GoDaddy Auctions®

GoDaddy Auctions® offers multiple listing types for buying domains. All prices on GoDaddy Auctions® listings are shown in USD, regardless of the currency you'll be paying in.

Select an option to see more details on our different listing types:

Offer-style auctions: Negotiate the domain price or buy it now

Bid-style auctions: Compete with other buyers to place the highest bid or buy it now


Like the domain, but hoping to negotiate on the price? Or not sure what you should list as the asking price? An Offer/Counter-offer listing might be the ideal option for you. This type of listings allow buyers to submit any amount for an offer on a domain—as long as it exceeds the minimum offer amount.

When an offer is submitted, there are a few options available for a response.

  • Accept: Accept the current offer or counter-offer for the domain. Once an offer is accepted, the sale is closed and the offer is considered binding, and must be completed.
  • Counter: Respond to a current offer or counter-offer with another counter to negotiate the price of the domain. The buyer at this point can accept the counter, submit a response to the counter-offer or take no action.
  • Take no action: The offer or counter-offer will expire after 7 days of being submitted if no action is taken.

There is no obligation for a seller to accept an offer, but if an offer is accepted, the sale is closed, and the offer is considered binding. The highest offer doesn't necessarily mean that buyer has won the domain—the seller must first accept the offer to conclude the sale.

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Offer/Counter-Offer with Buy Now

The same as an Offer/Counter-offer auction, but with the additional option to secure the domain through Buy Now. In an Offer/Counter-offer with Buy Now listing, a sale concludes when the seller accepts an offer, the buyer accepts a counter-offer or the buyer accepts the Buy Now price.

There is no obligation for either party to accept an offer, but if it is accepted, the sale is closed, and it's considered binding. Any offers or counter-offers accepted within seven days conclude the sale and must be completed. If they aren't accepted within seven days, then they expire. The highest offer doesn't necessarily mean that buyer has won the domain—the seller must first accept the offer to conclude the sale.

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Value Priced Auctions

GoDaddy will occasionally list domains for auction when the previous domain owner no longer owns the domain. These domains are listed in a traditional bid-style auction, where potential buyers try to out-bid each other. The initial listing price is determined by GoDaddy's valuation process, and are listed for a 15-day time frame. The buyer with the highest bid at the end of the auction is the winner.

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Expired Auctions

Domains that simply expire are automatically entered into auction 26 days after expiration. You can bid on any expiring domain listed through GoDaddy Auctions®. Expired auctions last for 10 days, after which domains without bids are moved to Expired Domains Closeout. The current registrant can re-claim the domain up to 30 days after expiration. Once a bid is placed, the registrant can no longer renew the domain in their account.

It's possible to place a bid on your own expired domain after it's listed in Expired Auctions. However, we recommend renewing your expired domain, if it's available in your account, to avoid delays in receiving the domain.

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Expired Closeout Domains

These are domains with Buy Now prices as low as $5.00 USD. The GoDaddy Auctions® Expired Domains Closeout is a Buy Now option for expired auctions that have ended. A closeout begins after the 10-day Expired Auction has ended and lasts 5 days. It's the last chance to capture expired domains for just the closeout fee plus renewal or transfer fee, before we return the expired domain to the registry. A closeout functions as a reverse auction where the price decreases daily. Any auction of an expired domain that doesn't receive a bid enters the closeout process.

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  • Check out our Domain Broker Service for a different option to acquire a domain that's already registered but not listed for sale.
  • GoDaddy doesn't send any tax documents pertaining to the purchase or sale of domains through GoDaddy Auctions® or List for Sale, such as 1099 forms. All earnings must be self-reported by the seller. GoDaddy is not able to offer legal or tax advice, and we recommend reviewing your specific situation with a tax professional.

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