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Nameserver rules for .it domains

All .it domain names must have 2 to 6 authoritative nameservers. This means that you must list the nameservers in the domain's zone file on the new nameservers prior to registering or modifying the domain. You also need to verify the nameservers are resolving properly before assigning them to the domain in your GoDaddy account. All IP addresses on the nameservers must be unique IP addresses.

If you're using GoDaddy nameservers, we'll handle this for you.

Nameservers for a .it domain must be correctly configured according to these requirements for the registration request to succeed, otherwise registration will fail.

  • IPv4: Supported
  • IPv6: Not supported
  • DNSSEC: Not supported
  • Host names: Not supported
  • Number of nameservers: 2-6 authoritative nameservers
  • Any MX records and the primary nameserver specified in the SOA record on the new zone cannot point to a CNAME.
  • The hostnames of the authoritative nameservers for the domain can't be CNAMEs.

After you update the domain to the authoritative nameservers, the registry must approve or reject them. This can take up to 5 business days to complete and the domain is not considered active until the registry has verified the nameservers are properly configured. If the registry can't verify proper configuration after 5 days, the nameserver update fails and the nameservers are reverted to the previous setting.

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