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Protect my server from brute force attacks

A brute force attack on your VPS or Dedicated server is an automated attempt to guess your passwords or passphrases, or to find hidden pages and content. It's one of the reasons that security experts always recommend long or complex passwords, since they take much more time to hack.

The best way to protect your Linux server against brute force attacks is to set up cPHulk, a feature of cPanel that's designed to stop this kind of attack.

cPHulk overview and setup

Note: These links take you to cPanel/WHM documentation for cPHulk.

  • Overview: Describes cPHulk and what it does to help against brute force attacks.
  • Enable cPHulk: Turn on cPHulk protection.
  • Configure cPHulk: Understand and set options to meet your needs.

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