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Set up a social ad campaign for my Websites + Marketing site

After you purchase a Services plan for your Websites + Marketing account, we need your help to set up your social ad campaign. Once you tell us what you want people to know, our team of experts will create your ad and then run it on Facebook and Instagram.

Required: This feature is only available for Websites + Marketing sites with Marketing Services.
  1. Go to your GoDaddy product page.
  2. Scroll down to and select Websites + Marketing, and next to the Websites + Marketing plan you want to use select Manage.
  3. In the Dashboard, select Marketing, and then select Digital Ads.
    select digital ads
  4. Select Start My Ad.
    select start my ad
  5. Follow the prompts to sign in to Facebook and allow permissions (required for GoDaddy to run an ad on your behalf). When you're done, select OK.
  6. We ask you to choose a goal for the campaign and provide a bit of information about your business. When you're done, select Submit Ad.
    • Within two business days, you'll receive another email letting you know your ad is created. You'll also see a preview on your Digital Ads home page.
    • You can reply to the email to request edits to the ad before it runs. We suggest letting the ad run for at least one month before you request more edits.
    • At any time, check your ad's results on your Digital Ads home page.

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