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Sign in to my Poynt account

Sign in to your Poynt account to access your Poynt dashboard and account info. Currently, the Poynt dashboard can’t be accessed through GoDaddy directly.

Note: Poynt and GoDaddy have joined forces! This means that Poynt customers need to take a one-time action to connect a GoDaddy account. Once the accounts are connected, you’ll use the same credentials to log in to Poynt and GoDaddy.

  1. From the Poynt homepage, select Log In.
  2. Enter the Email address and Password for your Poynt account, then select Sign In.
  3. If you haven’t already connected a GoDaddy account to your Poynt account, you’ll be prompted to take one of the following one-time actions:
    • Link an existing GoDaddy account: If you’re already a GoDaddy customer, select Link account. Enter your GoDaddy Username or Customer # and Password, then select Sign In. (If you can’t remember your GoDaddy info, here’s how to retrieve your username and reset your password.)
    • Create a new GoDaddy account: If you don’t have a GoDaddy account yet, select Create new account. Enter a Username and Password, then follow the onscreen directions to accept the GoDaddy Terms & Conditions and connect your new account.
    • Accept GoDaddy Terms & Conditions: If you’re not prompted to link or create a GoDaddy account, you can simply accept the GoDaddy Terms & Conditions. This automatically creates a GoDaddy account for you, using your Poynt login credentials.
  4. Once you’ve linked or created a GoDaddy account, you’ll use the same GoDaddy credentials to sign in to both your Poynt Dashboard and your GoDaddy account moving forward.

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