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Statement of Support – SSL Certificates

Please review the full Statement of Support to learn more about available support for additional products and services.

Supported for any SSL Certificate:

  • Purchasing or renewing SSL Certificates
  • Explaining SSL certificates features and benefits
  • Helping you with requesting an SSL by showing you the following:
    • Where to initiate the SSL request
    • Where to provide CSR
    • How to save the private key
  • Providing resources for installing your GoDaddy SSL on GoDaddy shared hosting for primary and/or add-on domains (not including command line or Tomcat SSL installations)
  • Providing resources, where possible, for SSL installations on GoDaddy virtual, dedicated and third-party servers
  • Validating your SSL certificate
  • Resending SSL validation emails
  • Resolving common name conflicts
  • Diagnosing SSL web browser errors
  • Explaining how to modify your zone file for secure sites

Supported for Managed SSL Certificates:

  • Requesting and installing a GoDaddy Managed SSL certificate on:
    • GoDaddy shared hosting for primary and/or add-on domains
    • GoDaddy virtual and dedicated servers that have a control panel
    • Third-party servers that have a control panel
  • Submitting a sitemap to Google and Bing for HTTPS site once SSL is configured
  • Fixing any mixed content and upgrading insecure requests
  • Resolving any mixed content after site updates
  • Assisting with adding, removing or changing the domains on a Managed UCC SSL

Not Supported:

  • Exporting SSL certificates to be used on multiple servers
  • Installing third-party SSL certificates
  • Installing our SSLs on a third-party hosting platform
  • Generating a CSR on virtual, dedicated and third-party servers with no control panel
  • Adding Secure Site Seal
  • Training about HTML, PHP or JavaScript
  • Installing an SSL on an add-on domain on GoDaddy shared legacy hosting

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