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What is AutoSSL?

AutoSSL is a free alternative to paid SSL certificates. Domains that meet the install requirements are automatically secured with a free, Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificate. Your SSL certificate stays updated and automatically renews.

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Does my hosting plan have AutoSSL?

AutoSSL is available for Linux Hosting Deluxe, Ultimate, and Maximum plans and all Web Hosting Plus plans.

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How does AutoSSL work?

AutoSSL runs daily and automatically scans your cPanel account. When AutoSSL detects a domain that meets the install requirements, a free DV SSL will automatically install (or automatically renew for domains with expired certificates).

Required: The install requirements must be completed for AutoSSL to install an SSL to your domain.

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What are the install requirements for AutoSSL?

For AutoSSL to work on your domain you must:

Note: After an SSL is installed, ensure your domain is redirected to HTTPS to direct visitors to the secure and encrypted version of your site.

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Can I manually run AutoSSL?

Yes. If you can’t wait for AutoSSL to run automatically and need your SSL immediately, manually install an SSL using AutoSSL.

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How can I check if AutoSSL installed an SSL on my domain?

In your cPanel account, select SSL/TLS Status, and check the Certificate Status column for your domain. An AutoSSL Domain Validated status will confirm your free SSL is installed.

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Is there a domain limit for AutoSSL?

There is no limit. AutoSSL will work for all domains that meet the install requirements.

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My SSL installed but my browser says my domain is insecure

Ensure your domain is redirected to HTTPS to direct visitors to the secure and encrypted version of your site. If your domain is redirected to HTTPS but still showing as insecure, we recommend reading cPanel's documentation on mixed content errors.

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