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Customize my store receipts

Add a logo, store hours, a note or other information to customize your receipts. If this is your first time customizing your receipt information, you'll be guided through a series of questions to optimize the settings for your business. Afterwards, you can view and customize your settings whenever you'd like.

  1. Go to the Dashboard where you manage your Payments account (use your GoDaddy username and password).
  2. From the left-nav, select Settings and then select Payments (if prompted).
  3. From the top-nav, select Receipts & Statements.
  4. Customize any of the following areas of your store receipt:
    • Under Customer's Bank Statement, add a Transaction Descriptor so that your business name appears correctly on your customers' bank and card statements. This descriptor will appear as "GDP*[Example Descriptor]" on your customers' statements.
    • Under Point of Sale Receipt options, select which options are available to customers on your POS device screen by toggling the Email Receipts, SMS Receipts and Paper Receipts options on and off.
    • Under Receipt Format:
      • Paper receipts with larger font: Switch the toggle on to use a larger font size when printing receipts.
      • Show city and province only: Switch the toggle on to only show your city and province on printed and digital receipts. This will hide your street address.
    • Enter a customized message for customers in the Customize footer for paper & email receipts field.
    • Select + Upload Logo to add an image file to digital receipts.
    • Under Store Contact Information, add your Phone number, Email address, Open hours, Website link or Social media links.
  5. When you’ve finished customizing your receipts, select Save.

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