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Edit your GoDaddy Auctions® account settings

Edit your GoDaddy Auctions® settings in your auctions account. You can also edit the number of search results to display and when to receive text message alerts.

  1. Sign in to your GoDaddy Auctions® account. (Need help signing in? Find your username or password.)
  2. Select Settings to edit any of the following:
    • Results per page: Select the number of auction listings to view per page.
    • SMS number: Enter a mobile phone number to receive text message alerts and select your provider.
    • SMS address: This field automatically populates after you enter your mobile phone number. Select a provider from the list. If you select Custom Provider, you must enter an email address. Contact your provider for more information.
    • Send test message: Select the option to send a test SMS message to your mobile phone.
    • Send me an SMS message when: Select when you want to receive SMS messages from GoDaddy Auctions®.
    • Account Status: Verify your Bidder account to place more than 2 bids or place $1500 USD in total bids.

    SMS is only available in the US. Your provider might charge you for any SMS messages you receive and SMS message delivery is not guaranteed.

  3. Select Submit.

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