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You've got the ideas, and now you have the tools to make it happen. Websites + Marketing provides the perfect blend of guidance and intuitive tools to help you start a business, share your perspective, or maybe even change the world!

Get Started with Websites + Marketing instructional courseGet Started with Websites + Marketing
If you've never built a website before, or it's been awhile, take our free instructional course. We'll help remove the guesswork by teaching you how to build your own one-page website, and give you valuable guidance on what to include to attract the right audience.
Estimated time to complete: 1 hour

Or, if you'd rather, you can move through each article below as you'd like. Each focuses on essential steps and expert guidance in specific areas to help you confidently and quickly set up your online business presence.

Decorative image for a quick tour of Websites + MarketingGet to know Websites + Marketing
Take a quick tour of Websites + Marketing, including the website editor and Dashboard. Once you know where everything is, the other tasks will be that much easier.
Estimated time to complete: 5-7 minutes
Decorative image for the setting up branding (theme, color, font, logo)
Set up my visual brand
Your brand defines how you want your website to look. Choose your site's design, font, logo and colors.
Estimated time to complete: 15-20 minutes
Decorative image for setting up your home page
Personalize my home page
Your home page is your first impression. Is it clear who you are and what you offer?
Estimated time to complete: 15-30 minutes
Decorative image for the setting up content (words and images)
Add website content
Now it's time to add words, photos and videos to highlight your business products and services.
Estimated time to complete: 30-90 minutes
Decorative image for setting up SEO
Make my website easy to find
Use the SEO wizard to get your site found, and learn other ways to improve being found in searches.
Estimated time to complete: 20-30 minutes
Decorative image for setting up social media
Connect my social media
Expand your reach and interact with people. Connect to social media channels and start getting reviews.
Estimated time to complete: 15-45 minutes
Decorative image for setting up online payments so you can get paid
Accept online payment
Sell products or services online, accept payments or donations via PayPal, sell gift certificates, or raise money through GoFundMe.
Estimated time to complete: 15-20 minutes

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