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GoDaddy smart terminal Register app release notes

We're always working behind the scenes to add new features and improvements to the Register app, which is used on GoDaddy Point-of-Sale devices. Check out the latest updates below.

Your Register App automatically updates to the latest version available to you. You can also manually update your device by tapping Settings, then Software Updates, and then Check for Software Updates.

Register 3.0 Update: January 2024

Note: This update was made effective for new customers in January 2024. It will be released for other merchants later this year.

Variants and modifiers
Variants (e.g. size, color, combinations) and modifiers (e.g. add-ons, gift wrapping) are now supported when creating new products and during checkout. Learn how to add variants and modifiers.

Moving to a single, streamlined catalog
If you had multiple existing catalogs prior to January 2024, they will be merged into a single catalog that is accessible across your web browser, smart terminal and mobile app.

Process changes
Changes have been made to the processes of:

Register 2.1 Update: September 2023

Note: This update was originally made available to a group of beta testers in September 2023.

Inventory management is now available. You can manage inventory from your GoDaddy smart terminal from the Register and Catalog apps, with the ability to:

  • Add inventory levels: Add stock quantity and sync across devices
  • Set low/out-of-stock alerts: Owners and employees have visibility into items that are out of stock or that will soon be unavailable for sale
  • Customize your inventory view: Customize if you want to or prefer not to see stock counts, low and out of stock alerts on Register product cards

Learn more about inventory management.

Register 2.0 Update: July 2023

New capabilities include:

Minor updates have been made to the processes of:

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