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Import your database

Step 4 of the Migrate my WordPress site manually series.

Warning: This step in the series is performed on the new WordPress site you're moving to. If you perform these steps in the database you're moving from, you'll lose your data.

Import the WordPress database you exported in the earlier step — Export your database. You'll use phpMyAdmin to get this done.

  1. Open phpMyAdmin. (Need help opening phpMyAdmin?)
  2. In left menu select your database name.
    Select database name
  3. On the Structure tab, select Check All.
    Check all the boxes
  4. Next to Check All under With selected, select Drop.
    Select drop from the menu
  5. Under Do you really want to, select Yes.
  6. In the left menu, make sure there are no tables in the list.
    Ensure table database is empty
  7. On the Import tab under File to import, select Choose File. Locate and select the SQL file you previously exported, and then select Open. Be sure to select Partial import and SQL as the format of the imported file.
    Select the import tab
    Select import options
  8. Select Go.
  9. Make note of your table prefix after importing your database. You'll need this when you make your final edits. In this example the table prefix is wp_:
    Table prefix in phpMyAdmin

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