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Statement of Support – API Platform

The Reseller API platform integrates directly with GoDaddy APIs, and this Statement of Support covers both areas. Please review the full Statement of Support to learn more about available support for additional products and services.

Note: While we ensure GoDaddy APIs are working properly server-side, they are available for self-service use only. This means you use them at your risk.

Supported for API Reseller Control Center:

Supported for GoDaddy API:

  • Directing customers to the documentation on
  • Creating API keys through the developer portal.
  • Assisting with open transaction environment (OTE) swagger functionality.
  • Escalating any server-side errors when using APIs.
  • Sharing general DNS information on domains.
  • Assisting with domain transfers in and out.
  • Funding accounts via Good As Gold.
  • Explaining to the difference between OTE and production environments.
  • Obtaining a Customer ID using APIs.
  • Updating domain contact information using APIs.
  • Assisting with issues related to the Domain Control Center.

Not Supported for API Reseller Control Center:

  • Selling GoDaddy products other than domains.
  • Using payment methods other than Good As Gold to set up a parent account.
  • Renewing domains through CRM.
  • Setting prices for the reseller’s products.
  • Answering questions about WHMCS integration.
  • Setting up a custom website.
  • Assisting API Reseller customers other than Google Workspace.
  • Assisting with API functions not shown on
  • Connecting the plan with a Basic or Pro Reseller plan.

Not Supported for GoDaddy API:

  • Providing additional documentation on using the GoDaddy API.
  • Explaining the functionality of APIs.
  • Troubleshooting custom written code.
  • Integrating GoDaddy APIs with customer’s site.
  • Managing and supporting the end-customer.
  • Assisting with business practices, such as marketing and selling products.
  • Purchasing SSL certificates using APIs.
  • Modifying customer accounts using APIs.
  • Assisting with functions or calls that are not publicly available at
  • Assisting customer using APIs in an account via delegate access.

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