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Using Apple Pay with Online Pay Links

Apple Pay lets your customers quickly and securely submit payments via Online Pay Links. When a customer pays using Apple Pay, their payment and contact info is automatically applied from their Apple Wallet without the customer needing to manually enter it.

There are no setup fees, extra processing fees or contracts required to use Apple Pay. A GoDaddy Payments processing fee will apply.

Check out some commonly asked questions about using Apple Pay with Online Pay Links. Select a question to see its answer:

What are the benefits to using Apple Pay?

  • Quick and convenient payment entry improves your customers’ checkout experience and converts prospective customers into paying customers faster than traditional card checkout.
  • Additional payment options give your customers the ability to choose their preferred payment method.
  • Payment info is always encrypted and secure.
  • No cost or steps to set it up. Apple Pay will automatically appear as a payment option for customers on supported browsers and devices.

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What are the customer requirements to use Apple Pay?

Customers can use Apple Pay with the Safari browser on an up-to-date Apple device (Apple iPhone 6 or higher with iOS 11.2 or higher) or MacOS with iOS 11.3 or higher.

They’ll also need to configure their Apple Wallet before using Apple Pay with Online Pay Links.

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How does Apple Pay work with Online Pay Links?

When your customer is ready to submit payment via an Online Pay Link, they click the Icon for Apple Pay Apple Pay icon in the pay link. The payment info from the customer’s Apple Wallet will automatically fill in the payment fields – no extra typing needed. They submit the payment and they’re done!

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How do I enable Apple Pay for my customers?

You don’t need to do anything to enable Apple Pay for Online Pay Links. It will automatically appear on your pay link as a payment option for all applicable customers. Customer payments made via Apple Pay will appear as a standard payment in your transaction history.

Why does my Online Pay Link URL look different?

To support Apple Pay, the default subdomain for Online Pay Links is changing from to Learn more about this change.

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