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A payout is a collection of all transactions from the previous day, minus any refunds, chargebacks, transaction fees, payment holds and other adjustments, which is then deposited into your bank account. In your Dashboard and GoDaddy smart terminal, you can view details on the latest payout made to your bank account or a record of all your previous payouts.

To view your payouts

You can view a detailed breakdown of all past and upcoming GoDaddy Payments payouts through Dashboard or the GoDaddy smart terminal. You can also view a basic payout report in the GoDaddy mobile app.

  • Dashboard: Go to the Dashboard where you manage your Payments account (use your GoDaddy username and password). Under Quick Links, select View Payouts.
  • GoDaddy smart terminal: From your home screen, tap Deposits to view your payout details.

Payouts provide an overview of the transactions that make up the latest payout. You can view the number of transactions (sales and refunds) you processed in the last business day, along with any transaction fees and chargebacks.

For example, let’s say you processed five transactions of $50 each. Different payment methods incur different transaction fees, but let's use an example fee of 3%. Because the transaction fee is 3%, your total deposit is $242.50.

  • The total sales amount is 5 sales at $50 each, which is $250.
  • The transaction fee is 3% of $250, which is $7.50.
  • The total deposit is your total sales ($250) minus your transaction fee ($7.50), which is $242.50.

You can also see a list of previous payouts that were deposited to your account. These all have an overview of total transactions, refunds, chargebacks, and fees (as applicable).

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